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You work for someone else for years and one day realize you may be closer to retirement than you are to the beginning of your career. 

Suddenly, questions around your purpose and legacy begin to poke at you.

Or you may be earlier in your career, but not feeling the connection to the work you always dreamed of.  You want to do something more meaningful.

You’re not alone.  Many of us have decided to build our own businesses.  Some of us do it as a side job and others dive in full-time.

Either way, it’s important you approach your entrepreneurship with the same fervor and thoughtful consideration as you’ve done with your other professional pursuits.

After you’ve launched your business and your vision begins to take shape, you may find you need help with some of the growing pains that naturally occur.  Things like building a strong and consistent message across platforms, launching a new product or raising the bar on your customer’s experience.  


That’s where I come in.  I have more than twenty years of professional experience across industries and platforms. I’ve worked on international brands at corporate headquarters, as well as for local brands. 


My strength lies in understanding the importance of a purpose-driven strategy, clear value-based principles, customer/client-focus and consistent messaging. I also have years of hands-on experience with websites and social media, along with a nerd-like love of data and all things digital.


And another reason to work with me?

I get it. I’ve been at the same fork-in-the-road you may be facing.


Two years ago, I was questioning my purpose and searching for more meaningful work.  It took a while, but clarity did set in.  I reinvented myself and created The Best Half.

Now, I’m here to help you do the same! 

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