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It's A Good Time to Reclaim Yourself

You’ve put in more than 20 years of work. You’ve had some highs and lows with the job, but are feeling more lows than usual lately. You’re closer to retirement than you are to the beginning of your career and are feeling a sense of urgency to do something more purposeful.

You’ve raised a family, putting your time and energy into creating kind and productive human beings. You’ve managed a household, volunteer duties and chaos like a champ. Now you’re an empty nester and feeling disconnected. You may or may not realize you’ve lost your sense of self. You haven’t put yourself first in a very long time.

Do either of these generalized scenarios ring familiar to you? You’re not alone.

Some would say these are examples of what has historically been called a Midlife Crisis, a phrase coined in 1965 by Psychologist Elliot Jaques. This crisis-based beast can cause you to feel inadequate and unsure, alone and unhappy. It has threatened marriages, jobs and interpersonal relationships. It’s very name implies it’s catastrophic.

As for me, I choose to call it an awakening. When my adulthood expectations met up with the reality of where I was (or wasn’t) in my early 50s, I felt the need to reclaim myself and redefine my goals. After some soul searching, I realized my identity had been wrapped up in external forces and not founded in my goals and dreams.

I have spent the last two years or so on a journey of self-discovery and reinvention. I’m happy to say I’ve since reclaimed the person I want to be and set boundaries that connect with my need to be valued and supported.

Why am I sharing my personal evolution?

When I redefined my professional purpose, my focus turned to inspiring and helping others in similar situations.

I believe it takes a village to get through challenges and we’re better off when we combine our strengths. I hope to inspire and guide people on similar journeys by sharing my story and the tactics that helped me through it. If you’d like to work together, click on the button below and let us know.

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Here’s to your Best Half!

Denise Dunn


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