Three Things to Consider If You’re Over 45 and in a Rut

Maybe you’re wondering, Hey, Denise! What makes “The Best Half” of my life actually the best? My answer would certainly be all new opportunities available in this new phase. Let’s look at three areas:

Look at the opportunities in your work life. 

Do you find your work fulfilling and fun, a perfect match for you? If so, congratulations! Skip to #2. But if you’re like most people, you’re missing out in this department. Study after study shows that over half of all Americans and over 80% of all people worldwide dislike their jobs. What about you? Is it time for a change?

Remember, you have decades of experience that you can bring to a new position, a new department, or maybe even a new company. Maybe you realize now that you’ve ended up on the wrong career path. It’s never too late to pursue more training or education to move into an area that will be a better match.

Think it’s too big of a hurdle or too risky? Instead, think ahead ten years to how you’ll feel if you don’t make the change.

Look at volunteering opportunities. 

Where have you wanted to volunteer and make a difference, but you have never had the time? With the kids gone, your schedule is probably more flexible. Now’s your chance to make a contribution in an area of your interests, whether it’s at your place of worship, in your community or even overseas. Visit the websites of non-profits or ministries that interest you, or check out Volunteer Match or Create The Good. You’re sure to find something that’s a match for your skills and talents.

Look at the opportunity to delve deeper into your hobbies and interests. 

What do you love to do when you have spare time? What makes time fly for you? These are areas where you should take a closer look. Can you develop your hobby to a greater level of expertise, and perhaps even build a business around it? Can you create items to sell or teach classes? Use this phase of life to give the world more of what you’re great at.

You might want to grab a notebook and designate it as your “Best Half” journal. Start writing down your feelings about this phase, your dreams, and your goals for The Best Half of your life. To start, look at these three areas of opportunity and think about how you can use each one to excel and contribute your unique talents. Now that you probably have more time, more money, and more life experience, how do you want your Best Half to look?

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