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The Best Half LLC was created for those of us living in the second half of this crazy thing called life. Many of us are redefining our purpose, reclaiming our sense of self and deciding what we want the rest of our lives to look like.

By sharing her own personal reinvention story, Denise provides tactics and mindset strategies that helped her along the way. She inspires with a girlfriend’s perspective and take-care-of-you first message. And boundaries? Yep, she not only believes in those, she encourages all of us to set them up.

Denise is available to speak to groups on a variety of topics. She’s also currently building a workshop with real-life tactics intended to help others on similar reinvention journeys. Follow us on social media and visit our website often for more updates on this.

Her energy and enthusiasm for helping others will motivate and inspire.

Our Paths, Our Story...

I’ve had two major transitional periods in my adult life. One was when I left a well-paying job to become an at-home Mom for seven years. The other was years later when I left a professional position and was unemployed in my early 50’s.

Both times, I felt isolated and without a safety net. Both times, I struggled with my identity and purpose.

Now that I’ve been through two self-reflective experiences, I’ve found parallels and similarities in the process. I’ve learned a lot about myself and connected with others on similar paths. I have redefined my purpose, both personally and professionally.

And this is how The Best Half was hatched.

Professionally, I’m focused on helping others as they navigate their own personal self-discovery journeys. I hope to inspire and guide, sharing what helped me through the more difficult parts of the process.

Personally, I’ve learned to like and accept myself, imperfections and all. I’ve also rediscovered the importance of boundaries. I’m more clear now on what I’m willing to negotiate and what I’m not willing to negotiate. (Hint: I distance myself from experiences and people who drain my energy.)

The path to get here hasn’t been easy or fast, and I call BS on anyone who says it is. But if I can get through it and gain clarity, so can you. I consider our second half of life to be The Best Half. Here’s to your Best Half!

Denise Dunn

Founder, The Best Half LLC


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